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Gardening Update

My square foot garden is coming along quite nicely now! I put in the last transplants from a local nursery a few weeks ago: strawberries and some sweet red peppers. I'm still a bit undecided on if it's worth it to start from seed and then transplant or not. The plants that managed to survive the transplanting process and the onslaught of various pests in the spring are much smaller than plants I've seen at the local farmer's market. I've actually picked up some tomatoes and herbs at the farmer's market to supplement the ones I started from seed. All the lettuce, swiss chard, cucumber and melons that are growing right now I seeded directly into the ground. I think I probably need to make sure the seedlings are getting enough light, and that there is enough nutrients in the soil for the seedlings and transplants. Herbs and peppers Onions, carrots and lettuce I've managed to harvest quite a few radishes already, and even some cilantro and basil! I'm a bit worried about the looks a bit sickly lately. The onions look great though! I haven't had too many problems with pests lately. There are nibbles on some leaves of most plants, but nothing really major. I love going out to check how the plants are growing every day. It looks like I'll be able to start harvesting some lettuce and swiss chard soon!