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Gardening update

The garden is continuing to grow. There's plenty of lettuce ready to be eaten, and we've harvested enough swiss chard to make two quiches! I also picked a few of the carrots because I was curious how big they had gotten. They look pretty tasty! Fresh carrots! I planted two strawberry plants as well. They sent out tons of runners, but only one has bloomed. I'm going to see what happens, and if I get any berries off of it. Next year I think I'll set up a separate area for the strawberries, otherwise they'd easily take over my 4x4 block with their runners. Strawberry blooms There are lots of little tomatoes ripening on the vines as well. I can't wait for them to be ready to eat, there's nothing like fresh tomatoes from your own garden. Baby tomato I'm going to start a worm composting bin so I can return some of the waste products from the garden (like carrot and onion tops, tomato vines) back to the garden. I'm a bit nervous about this...but the investment is pretty small. There's a local company,, that sells the red wiggler worms, so I'll probably be ordering a quarter pound of worms from them shortly.