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Try usage

ehsan, mconnor and I were chatting yesterday about ways to improve how people use try. One hypothesis is that people aren't aware of how much their try pushes actually cost in terms of infrastructure time. In order to remedy this, I present to you the Try High Scores list! try usage (click through for interactive goodness) This is a report of how much time people have racked up on try server over the last 7 days. This isn't meant to be a wall of shame (or fame...). I hope that by publishing this people realize in some ways the costs their try pushes have on the infrastructure. This cost impacts not only yourself, but other people waiting for results on other branches. If you really need those results from try, then by all means use it, it's there for you! Please keep in mind though, if you have the results you need from try already, cancelling the remaining jobs is just a click away on tbpl.