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100 Push Ups: Week 5

I've been a bit remiss in doing updates on my progress for the 100 push up challenge. I've twittered some of my progress, but mostly I've been completely silent about it. I completed week 4 a few weeks ago, pretty handily I think. I managed 46 push ups on my post-week-4 progress test. And now I'm stuck in week 5. Day 1's series is supposed to be 36,40,30,24,>=40. So far I've managed to do 36, 24 with a short break then 16, 30, 24, 27 with a short break then 13...which is technically all the push-ups, but not in the required order. I'll keep working on it until I can complete the day's series properly. This week as been pretty busy at work, so I haven't been out running since Sunday, when I did my 18km long run. My legs are starting feel a bit...jumpy, like they have a lot of pent up energy! Hopefully I can get a quick run in tonight, then 8km tomorrow and 21km on Sunday. It's a bit scary to think I'll be running a half marathon as part of a training routine.