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100 Push Ups - Day 3, Week 1

Ok, back on the wagon for real now! After working my way up to week 4 in December, then falling sick with a cold or two, I haven't been doing push ups regularly for a few weeks now. I decided to start at week 3 again. So today I did my 5 sets of 14, 18, 14, 14, >=20 with a minute rest between sets. I managed to complete 26 on the last set, which gives me some confidence that I haven't lost all progress I had made up to December! In other exercise news, I've registered for the 2009 Around the Bay Race. This is a 30km run around the Hamilton Bay on March 29th. I'm trying to follow their training program, and so far so good. I did my 14km run yesterday instead of on Sunday, and it went pretty well, except for the last 1.5km which was on a trail that was packed snow. Man, I had no idea running on snow was so hard! It's a great workout for sure! I've been using Map My Run to track my progress and routes and such. It's pretty cool, although I wish they would let you graph your pace over time. I want to know if I'm getting faster or slower!