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I survived my second half marathon!

On the start line After taking a bit of a hiatus from racing, I completed my second half marathon last week. I did the same race as the one two years ago, the Toronto Marathon. I liked the course when I ran it before, and the weather in October is usually better than in September. I finished in 1:52:45.6 (compared to 1:52:58.4 in 2006). So I'm 13 seconds faster! Woohoo! Halfway through the race I thought I might beat 1:50, since I was consistently doing less than 5 minutes per kilometer....but that part was mostly downhill :P Once the course flattened out I slowed down again. The weather was perfect again this year: a bit chilly waiting in on the starting line, but very comfortable once you got going. Signing up for races is a great way to keep motivated. I've signed up again this year for the Egg Nog Jog, and I'd like to actually do the Around the Bay race this spring...I registered for it in 2007 (and have the shirt to prove it!), but my training was kind of thrown off by Thomas' birth, and our move to the new house.