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Hello Again, World!

First off, hello, it's been a while!

Since my last post over three years ago 🤦, life has been pretty busy.

First, a global pandemic.

Next, we welcomed a new baby into the family the summer of 2020, right in the middle of said pandemic.

Then in the fall of 2020, I resigned from my job of nearly 12 years at Mozilla and I took on a new role as Staff Developer with Shopify. I've been doing backend product development work, focusing on making our themes more customizable by merchants, and extensible by third party apps.

I even got to publish a video describing a new feature I helped to build!

Shopify Unite 2021

(Look, I'm on the internet!)

I've really enjoyed the move so far. It's been great to switch gears from infrastructure work in Python to product development in Ruby. I intend to blog a bit about my experience learning Ruby as a relatively experienced Python developer. tl;dr - I'm glad that I did. Learning new programming languages and tools is almost always beneficial, as it helps you to think about problems in different ways.