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New on TBPL - hot pink

jcranmer noticed a funny new colour on TBPL last week - hot pink! This colour indicates jobs that have been cancelled manually. It's an important distinction to make between these jobs and jobs that have failed due to build or test or infrastructure problems. It took a long time, but I finally finished deploying bug 704006 - add a new status for "user cancelled" last week. With the help of fabric, I was able to script the upgrade so that we didn't require a downtime. Each master was first disabled in slavealloc so that slaves would connect to different masters after a reboot. Next I gracefully shut down the master. Once the master was shut down cleanly, buildbot was updated to pick up the new change, and the master started back up again. Each master could take several hours to shut down depending on what jobs were running, and we have quite a few masters now, so this whole process took most of the week to complete. It's awesome to be able to do this kind of thing without a downtime makes me feel a bit like a ninja :P Big thanks to ewong for the initial patch, and making sure it got accepted upstream as well!