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Now testing Firefox in AWS

You may have noticed some new tests appearing on TBPL this week: new tests The Ubuntu32/64 test platforms have been enabled on most branches this week. Wherever we've had consistent green results on the new test platforms, we've disabled running those tests on the older Fedora32/64 platforms. Currently these are crashtests, jsreftests and marionette tests. We're working closely with the awesome A*Team to migrate over any remaining test suites that make sense. As always, if you notice anything that looks like it's not working right, please let us know - filing a bug is the best way. We expect there to be differences between the test platforms and therefore in some test results. We're committed to tracking down what those differences are so we can make sure the new test machines continue to give us good test results. A lot of what we do in RelEng flies under the radar. When we're doing our jobs well, most of the time you shouldn't notice changes we make! I wanted to highlight this change in particular, because it's a HUGE win for test scalability. If needed, we're able to add more Ubuntu test machines in a matter of minutes. And the more tests we can move over to this new pool of test machines, the more we can improve turnaround time on the overloaded Fedora slaves. Rail deserves most of the credit for this awesome work, so send kudos and/or beer his way :)