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The long road to victory: build & test logs on FTP

One of the biggest pieces of infrastructure keeping us attached to Tinderbox is the issue of build logs. Tinderbox has (and continues to be) the canonical source of a build or test's output. A while ago we made some changes that should help pry us loose from this close dependency on Tinderbox. Build & test logs for all regular depend & try builds are now available on FTP. For example, today's nightly build log for windows is available at It's also in the same directory as the build itself! Test logs are available for depend builds, e.g. Again, all the builds, logs and other files (test archives, symbols, etc.) are in the same directory. Logs for your try builds and test are also available, e.g.[email protected]/tryserver-macosx64/. Here too all the logs and binaries are in the same directory. In addition you should be getting links to those logs in your try server notification emails. There's room for improvement here, and a few places where logs aren't getting put in all the right places, but this is still a major step forward. Enjoy! Note to future readers that a some of the links to the logs above will be invalid a few weeks after this post as old directories are purged.