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BYO Build Dashboard

I'm happy to announce that we've started publishing some build data we've been collecting for the past several months. If you're interested in build data, like what jobs get run on which machines, and how long they take, then the files at will be of interest to you. These are JSON dumps of build data collected for most of our systems since October. There is one file per 24-hour period, as well as one file for the past 4 hours of data. If you want to look at the format, the 4 hour file is easier to read; the other files don't use any extra white space. All times should be interpreted as unix timestamps (seconds since Jan 1, 1970 00:00:00 UTC). The "requesttime" is a best-effort calculation of when a build was requested based on when the revision in question was pushed to hg, or when the unit test or talos run was triggered. That's it! This should be enough data to get started writing some dashboards and other visualizations. I'd love to hear how people are using this data, and if there's anything missing from the data provided that would be useful.