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What is it? splittar is a small utility written in Python. It will create multiple tar files from a set of data with each tar file being limited in size. This is useful for archiving data onto removable media such as CD or DVD. Other solutions that I've found rely on splitting one giant tar file, rendering all but the first tar files useless on its own. With splittar each file that is created is a valid tar file that is useful on its own. Where do I get it? Download it here: You'll also need Python version 2.4 installed. How do I install it? If you downloaded the .tar.gz version, running install should do the trick, although this won't install man pages. If you downloaded the .deb version, then running dpkg -i splittar_0.2_all.deb should work How do I use it? An example is probably the best way to get started. splittar -f outputfile.tar.gz -m CD $HOME This will create files called outputfile-1.tar.gz, outputfile-2.tar.gz, etc., each at most 700 MB in size, from the files in $HOME. See the man page for more information.