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Google AdSense as an income stream?

Steve Pavlina's latest post shows the power of Google's AdSense. In the past 12 months his revenues from AdSense has gone from pretty much nil to almost $5,000 a month! I've been listening to a few of his personal development podcasts, and it isn't hard to see why his site is so successful. He has a very good speaking and writing style - very clear, concise and down to earth. The articles available from his website are very helpful as well as inspirational. A few things I've picked up from his website and podcasts:

  • Create a passive source of income - something that requires little or no work per transaction. This liberates you from the day-to-day tasks of running of a business so that you can focus on optimizing or enhancing the processes that make your business run.
  • Focus on your strengths to provide good value.
  • Use the Internet to distribute this value. Actually, I'm not sure if he's ever said this directly, but it certainly makes sense in my mind. The Internet allows you to distribute your product at a very low cost per customer, and allows you to scale your business extremely quickly.
I had no idea that Google AdSense, or advertising in general, could be such a good passive source of income. It requires quality content, but Mr. Pavlina certainly has no problems with that!