What is it?

configsaver is a small commandline utility written in Python that will synchronize the files you specify using your gmail account.

Chris AtLee <chris at atlee dot ca> wrote it, so you can bug him if there's something wrong with it

Where do I get it?

Download it here:

You'll also need Python version 2.4 installed, as well as the libgmail python package.

How do I install it?

If you downloaded the .tar.gz version, running setup.py install should do the trick

If you downloaded the .deb version, then running dpkg -i configsaver_0.2_all.deb should work

How do I use it?

The quickest way to get started is to run configsaver from the command line:

        configsaver -ugmail.account.name ~/.vimrc

configsaver will ask for your gmail password if you haven't already entered it, and then check to see if any of the specified files have changed. If one of the files has changed then the default behaviour is to prompt you for what action to take: you can upload your local copy, download the remote copy in place of the local one, or save the remote copy under a different name.

You can also specify your account name and files to synchronize in a file called ~/.configsaver that looks something like this:

        username = my.gmail.account
        files = ~/.vimrc ~/.zshrc