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A new home!

Melissa and I bought a house last week! It's in Georgetown, and you can find out more information here: Cachet Hills in Georgetown. We've been interested in this builder for a while now, and when we went to see the location in Georgetown we fell in love with the location and the house. The closing date isn't until September 2006, so we have plenty of time to prepare. I can't wait! Right now 16 months seems like an eternity.

Spammers be gone!

I installed the WP Hashcash plugin in an attempt to reduce the number of comment spams I've had to wade through here on my blog. So far I haven't had a single spam comment! (No legitimate comments either, but that's another concern...) Thanks Elliott!

Favourite Picture of 2004

Cabot trail With 2004 having come and gone, many people are going through and presenting what they consider to be their best image of the year. It's a tough choice! I wouldn't say I've captured any stellar photos, so I'll have to go with one with more personal meaning than photographic quality.

Tidal Wave Disaster

The Tidal Wave Disaster really highlights how fragile life is. I am really proud of Canada's response to this disaster: the federal government announced that they would match private donations and freeze the debt of countries affected. Let's take advantage of this! There are many reputable Canadian charities accepting donations for disaster relief:

And many others. Canada currently leads the way in per-capita donations, let's try and keep it that way! After a season focused on gift giving to our friends and loved ones, I would challenge you to look at how much you spent to get your brother that new DVD, your mother that new sweater, or your friend that movie pass, and then consider if you could spend that much, or more, to help the millions of people currently in need all over the world, but particularly now for the people affected by the tidal wave. Live simply so that others may simply live

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Here's a slightly belated Merry Christmas wish. I pray that God blesses you and your family in the upcoming year. I had a wonderful Christmas that I celebrated with Melissa's family on Christmas eve, and with my grandparents and father on Christmas day. As I grow older family becomes more and more important at Christmas, and the gifts become less and less important. We went to visit Niagara Falls on the 27th - I had never seen the falls in the winter, and it was truly breathtaking!

Gimp 2.2 first impressions

I like it :) I've only spent a few hours using it, so take my comments with a grain of salt...or maybe one of those salt licks. The cropping shadow is fantastic. I don't know what it's really called, but it darkens parts of the image outside of the current cropping area. It makes it really easy to see what's in, and what's out. Preview on the unsharp mask filter - thank you thank you thank you! I started fooling around with the Channel Mixer filter, I would like a way to zoom in / out of the preview as well as panning...A simple way to enlarge it would be great too.